Smart parking system


Rise efficiency

Smarter and multiple payments

Accurate parking space data

Energy saving and CO2 reduction


Accuracy: > 99.5%

Waterproof: IP68

Applicable for regular SIMcard / eSIM

Pressure resistance: > 20 tons

─Data transition─

Smart Parking NB-IOT

1. It shows parking vacancy on app and navigate to the target space.
- saving time and reducing carbon while circling around.

2. After parking, parking sensor transmit space status.
- It can transmit through NB-IoT or Wireless. All kinds of sim cards or eSim are Applicable.
- The accuracy is unbeatable 99.5%

3. Multiple paying ways
- pay on line or machines

Ensoul wireless

The second transmission mode. Applicable to general parking lot management, and can also be applied to the NB-IoT case to complement the problems of NB-IoT signal weakness and blind spot for more stable transmission.

Ultra-low power consume and stable transmission. Battery life for more than 5 years.

Medium-distance communication 2.4GHz. Data transmission is through 4G network Solar power supply is installed for reducing construction cost and period.

─Pictures of the scene─


  • IP68

  • NCC

  • Salt spray test

  • Temperature test

  • Compression resistance 20.1 T